Megan Barton-Hanson quits cosmetic surgery after going through therapy

The 27-year-old said that therapy has helped her to finally be happy with her body and that she’s in the “most content place she’s ever been”.

The model said that her last surgery was a breast implant reduction because she felt out of proportion after losing weight.

Megan said she was told that her surgeries were more googled than Caitlyn Jenner’s and Kim Kardashian’s, and that “savage things” had been written about her appearance.

She said that she was “cautious” over her most recent surgery as she is typically heavily scrutinised for her looks.

Writing in Grazia she said: “While I was in the Love Island villa in 2018, an image of me aged 15 circulated, and the media started picking out what they deemed ‘flaws’ in my appearance.

“It was undeniably cruel and unnecessary to compare images of me during my teen years to myself almost 10 years later.”

She admitted that she has found the criticism “hard to deal with”, but that she is now “happy and confident” with who she is.

Megan, who broke up with her girlfriend in 2020, said that she has been putting herself first and has been in therapy.

“I restarted therapy and can confidently say I’m in the best, most content place I’ve ever been – mentally and physically.”

After she left the villa in 2018, Megan got into a relationship with Chelcee Grimes, her first girlfriend.

But bi-sexual Megan split from Chelcee in 2020 – adding that it spurred her to “put herself first”.

She said that she “wasn’t taking care of her body” and started practicing yoga and pilates and started lifting weights.

Ditching all cosmetic surgery aside from botox and fillers, Megan said that the older she gets the easier she finds it to block out the negativity.

She had her ears pinned back when she was 17 years old after she was bullied.

After that she had a nose and two boob jobs and had frequent botox.

The former Love Islander said that she’s “grown in confidence” but said that had nothing to do with her surgeries.

“I’ve learned that surgery is no substitute for working on your mental health or self-esteem,” she wrote.

She wrote the piece for the magazine after she broke up with TOWIE’s James

Speaking about the split, she told her 1.6 million instagram followers that it “just didn’t work out”.

But she added that he “made a stunning Richard Gere for Halloween” – referencing the couple’s attempt to recreate Pretty Woman for a party last November.

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