Super Actress Star Sarah Says “I love laid-back men” – Sarah Day

Sarah Day has just come off emerging the second runner-up at the Miss Curvy Africa pageant of the Miss Curvy Africa reality TV show. She’s a Lagos-based Akwa Ibomite who has made her imprints in acting and plus-size modeling. She is also a presenter and red carpet host. She’s a graduate of French language from Ekiti State University. She3’s an associate producer of the breakfast show on wazobia tv and she has featured in a few skits.

In this encounter with Potpourri she lets us into her world: In this encounter with Potpourri she lets us into her world:

I started acting from my normal church dramas and I felt in love with the craft. I have always wanted to tell a story and interpret it in acting. I abandoned my degree in French which may have fetched me more money by now to pursue a career in acting. I have lobbied and taken part in a few skits and minor roles in some movies.

I follow every audition platform I hear about and attend all auditions advertised no matter the weather and distance and I watch every movie that comes my way, noting not just the story-line but also how the actors deliver their scripts. While growing up, I always wanted to be in the industry and so I imagined scenes in my head, being on set, mastering my lines and even fancied myself executing those lines in the privacy of my room. The characters I can interpret the most are :an outspoken, corporate independent woman and wicked sister or mother

However, I’ve had many unforgettable memories as a woman and as an actress but as an actress,every moment has been unforgettable and beautiful. Some of my unforgettable memories include men wanting to sleep with me before giving me roles. I’ve had experiences with that and I’m too traumatized to talk about it.

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