Blessing CEO The Popular Blogger Says Having s3x on first date doesn’t make you cheap

Self-styled ‘intellectual entertainer’, Blessing CEO has said sleeping with someone on the first date doesn’t cheapen a person.

The media personality recently shared a conversation that ensued between a female fan and herself who sought her counsel concerning a new date.

The fan asked the ‘certified relationship/mental expert’ if sleeping with a man on the first date would portray her as cheap.

“Good evening ma. I love you. Can I sleep with a guy on the first date? Does it make me look cheap? Please respond I don’t want to regret,” the fan wrote.

Although, the controversial media personality in her response noted ‘sex is cheap,’ she said sleeping with someone on the first date doesn’t make a person cheap.

She said it only reveals the person’s choice and connection with their new date.
Blessing advised the fan to rather spend time and talk to her new date on their first meeting rather than opting for sex, seeing communication is more expensive as it has the ability to unravel a person’s true identity.

“The fact that you even have the intentions of sleeping with him is your answer. Sleeping with someone on the first date does not make you cheap, it’s just your choice and connection.

“But I will advise you talk more on the first date than s3x. S3x is too cheap, communication is more expensive because it will expose their real identity and personal. S3x hides it,” she stated.

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