This Celebrity Says He Will never going to get married” As He Gives reasons to stay single for the rest of his life

Young man opens up on the decision to stay single for the rest of his life while backing his decision with support from his father.

According to a 30-year-old man who shared his frank decision anonymously, he made up his mind to stay unmarried rather than going through the same marital issues as his father.

Adding to his point, his father backed his decision with the advice of staying single so as to maintain a peaceful life, unlike the life he is stuck with.

“I’m 30 years old now and frankly speaking, I know I’m never gonna get married! Even my father sent me a Whatsapp message some weeks ago with a bold text saying “never get married my boy!” ” you’re my son, and I’ll never lie to you”. He’s living a miserable life with the stupid witch he put in his house. But nobody forced him to get married! So he’s getting the taste of his own medicine! Even if he didn’t tell me any of this, I already knew my destiny. I knew I was born to die single and nobody will take this wonderful single life away from me!” he wrote.

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