Top 4 regular Business advertisement of all time in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the biggest business hubs in the world and number one in Africa. Nigeria has been able to boost African business on high through several means. The calibers of businesses in Nigeria are many but there are few of them that run big regular adverts of all time.

  • Communication Network Business ads: this has been able to get the best regards of all amongst all. Communication Network Business development has been able to  amount of revenue through their marketing platform, these include MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel Nigeria.
  • Commercial Banking Business ads: there’s no doubt that the banking sector has been the second that runs the biggest advert in the country. Their business advert have gone viral access the country.
  • Church Advertisement: this is the top third that runs the highest advert in Nigeria. The Churches runs regular advert both on radio, television, print (billboard, magazine and newspapers).
  • Phone Mobile & Accessories ads: phone accessories are all over the nation and their advert have also gotten to stage of getting people’s interest to start up the business of phone and accessories. Almost every average youth has found it worthy through their means of advertising.