5 Lessons I Learned When I Was At My Early 20s, You Need To Observed

It’s true that life is a lesson which everyone on planet earth must partake on.

I truly believe that it is not everything workout as it’s been planned and you are the only driver that lead yourself to the destination you wish to arrive.

Be respectful, practice moderation, and set reasonable expectations. Mark Manson shares a few life lessons.

Meanwhile, I  truly acknowledged through the lessons I passed through, that life doesn’t reward you for what is accommodated in your score but you’re rewarded for what you produce.

The era is gone when you must not depend only on what is  accommodate on score. Therefore it should be quite understandable that what you know doesn’t give you any satisfactory reward but what you produce gives you  more than excellent satisfactory reward.

The world doesn’t care about you and what you intend to be or to achieve: I truly understand that no one around you care about what you are passing through. You pass the hell only you,  check your addition, your career, your accommodation and the rest of them. You see that you’re standing alone. Precisely, you’re on your own. The world we are talking about is not other than the people living with you and the ones you called friends. When matters arises, you bear it alone and die alone but when things work well, you become people’s choice and priority. That’s nature by the way.

Appreciate the sum of little things, it matter more much than the things we really think is bigger: one of the best thing that can happen to you is being appreciative to things that we think that doesn’t anything to you. Sometimes, we expect things that are much more bigger without knowing that the value you give to the little things that happened around you, will give rise to the bigger expectations.

Life normally gets difficult at the age of 20 —27: it’s quite not funny at the age of twenty to twenty seven. During this stage, the mindset of how to build yourself comes in. It has never been easy to get away with this stage. More especially, men find themselves struggling ,spending money and time to figure things out. The age of twenty, is the age that gives me restless mind.

Your parents are the most closest friend you ever have, that ever live till they break down: it is anywhere in the world, that parents always stay within your cabinet. No matter how the much you hold a secret, parents will discover that and find the final solution to the problem that will settle the matter. The truth of the matter is that, your parents always care for you and your future as well.

Failure is inevitable, fail early and often times in your best assets: come to check of it, that you may even lose your hope if you’re not Strong enough to withstand and understand that every successful man must fail almost often times before he stand as a hero. Failure gave me courage to acknowledge that I have not  gotten things right, I have to put more effort to accomplish a targeted dream.