5 Most Common Things Young Men Do That Makes Them To Feel Like Real Man

In this life, every man is after these five common things but these things are too important to men, to maintain the level of being a real man.

  • Fiance: having a fiance make man feel good and real. It makes them believe that they can do other wise and having a fiance also makes them to be great and feel like a family man. Having a fiance make them engage in paying dues and know how to provide for a family.
  • Competition: when a young man is growing with his associates, they likely to compete with each other both on wearing materials, the most handsome, who has the most beautiful girl friend. So they lie on competition and argument.
  • Argument: having seen that argument never rest in the midst of young men, and seems to be the dance music of this era. Every young man argues a lot mostly in football and wrestling. Meanwhile, argument makes young men prove stubborn and fit in for competing with each other.
  • Sleeping outside: a young man always have intention to sleep outside his father’s house. When a guy is up to his 20s, he must have the intention of sleeping out of his father’s house, this makes him feel equal to man who must leave his father house to look for his own pocket for his own survival as a man to be.
  • Avoiding eating from the mother’s pot: everything count, every young man is trying on daily basis to prevent himself eating from the mother’s pot. When a guy is still eating from the mother’s pot, it means that he is not a guy. No young man wants to be eaten from the mother’s pot again because they are seeing themselves to be real man.