6 (six) Things Money Can’t Buy

Why money seems to be the ultimate thing everyone wants?

It’s real that money doesn’t give every thing in life we need. However, money is not a priority of many countries, is quite understandable that money is people’s desire but they’re not comfortable even though they have gotten the money.

  • Money doesn’t give happiness.  I’m in a country where money is in abundance and everyone engage in one occupation or the other but not happily living.

Money doesn’t give happiness, people are not happy because the kinds of industries skyrocket in every parts of the city are really causing whole of disturbance to people. People cannot longer stop it from existing and cannot prevent it as well. Everyday, people are uncomfortable because of noise, smokes every where, making the atmosphere too bad to breath in fresh air, environment is too unbearable even to have rest for a second, it’s possible. Money Can not truly buy happiness for humanity.

  • Money doesn’t buy life. people have tried their possible means to see if life can be bought with money, which is impossible on earth. It’s obvious that many people would have been able to pay for your own life  to add it to their own, but God said No to them.

Life is been able to be the most precious and most unaffordable thing on earth. As the most precious, if it’s affordable most of these Rich men today would have bought all even to buy in advance for their children,children.

  • Money doesn’t buy character. When it comes to character, this is one of the things that cannot be hidden. Good character is the beauty of every woman on earth. In most cases we have been able to experience in one way or the other when a woman is been married into a new home, she may pretend to hide her character for the meantime. but afterwards, her character will be unveiled and every one will see it.

One can only learn and amend his/her character but can’t be bought with money.

  • Money doesn’t buy excellence,.Excellence This is a distinction that makes you whom you are. People tried to be excellent on what they do, but this can only be learnt if you wish. Is all about humility and gentleness to explore on excellence. Meanwhile, money cannot buy it as well.
  • Money can’t buy wisdom. Wisdom is quite different from knowledge. wisdom can not be bought with money, it’s inbuilt. You can only gain knowledge not wisdom.
  • Freedom can not be bought with money. When I mean freedom, I mean freedom in all ramifications, some set of region are struggling to get freedom at all cost but it’s difficult to have. If money could be used for freedom, I wonder what may happen in this world. Money can never ever made for freedom.