7 Unproductive characters You Would Like To Stop

I’m the type that have the believe that everything can happen if not even planned. I have this belief that life is all about any how it turns up to be, you should take it like that or leave it. As of then, I don’t believe doing what it seems to be right to thrive. I believe that anything happen the way it closes to happen but not knowing that one is the architect of his glory.

I believe that there are many of us that still possess what we call ” I don’t care” character.  I tried to figure out what the problem was and I tried to correct them. I was able to find out unproductive characters that should be dealt with.

  • Stubbornness: I was too stubborn to the extent that I don’t believe on what is real. Stubbornness is able to tie you down, even on the day you should be set free, you will prove to be stubborn and your day of freedom will pass you by.
  • Self bondage:  It still affects me in one way, I’m the type that uses ” being busy” to all over the people I called friends. The word ” I’m busy” has cost a lot of damages to mankind. Sometimes, it makes you feel embarrassed of keeping time to them who you called your closet friends.
  • Complaining: it is quite unfortunate that some of us have been able cherish complain like their friend. See, it is better to be an action doer than a complainer layer. When you complain too much, you become a nuisance to people. You will not be given attention any longer because it has been your lifestyle.
  • Depending so much on money: I could remember what money happened to me when I relied so much on it. I was denied a ticket because I thought that almost everything can be bought with money. Money makes one lost concentration, to the extent that you could lose your target when you think that money settles everything. Do things when it’s the right time for it.
  • Addictive to women: it’s truly that the world without end via women to men. But been addictive to it reduces lifespan. This is a kind of habitual sexual urge that we need to put to a stop. Promote your wife and live happily with her. You should be addictive to your wife not women.
  • Clubbing: I really appreciate people who are not fully entice with those provisions. I’m saying this because I was a victim. I admire clubbing before, but not now. Clubbing is making provision of your life to be at risk. Providing you with strange friends and otherwise.