A 12 years old boy Chika Ofili gets a Special Recognition Award for making a new discovery in Mathematics

A Nigerian 12 years old boy Chika Ofili breaks record for making new discovery in Mathematics in the UK which accord him a special recognition award

However Chika Ofili has made the Nation happy by achieving a great recognition award which his age mate could not thought of.

In other words, young mathematician genius’ new formula created new divisibility by seven in mathematics. It should be noted that the TruLittle Hero Awards is a yearly event that gives recognition to and celebrates marvelling achievements of young people at the age of 17 years in the UK.

However, the Cable reports that Mary Ellis, Chika’s math teacher, who also doubles as the head of the mathematics department at the Westminster Under School, said Chika discovered the new formular during his holiday assignment.

It was also noted that the Maths teacher gave the young Nigerian boy a book, which contained several divisibility tests used to quickly work out if a figure is exactly divisible by the numbers 2 to 9.

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