A Down Fall Of Man Is Never The End Of His Life.

This topic is too familiar to people but it’s a true life story.

Many feel too bad when they see themselves in the wrong position or otherwise. It’s too unbearable when a man of honor and prestige eventually turned down to nobody. It’s true that some people do good to those who they’re really acquainted  with. But nowadays, some people are very unfair to those who they are acquainted with.

If you partake on this same issue, loose on hope your glory will be retrieved back to you. Your joy will be revived again.

Is a true story.

There is a man from my kindred, his name is Maxwell. He has four children, two male and two female. He has too much money. He has worked for oil company for years. He has expensive properties and he lives in harmony with his family.

He offered job to people any how, he doesn’t believe in “people are bad”. He makes sure that he do the necessary things to people around him. And he makes sure that he render the necessary help he should render to people, for the glory of God to manifest.

He usually preach to those who come to asked him why is he doing all these things to people without necessarily demanding anything from them, and preach to them that God will reward anyone according to his/her deeds.

He did not stopped there, he continued without even care if her wife cautioned him or not over his arms giving. Nobody dares him when ever he was mean to do something for anyone.

This man called Maxwell, gave scholarship to those in needy and sponsor those who could not go to school because of their block head. So he managed to reduced heavy load to parents in my kindred. Everyone was blessing him.

But all of a sudden he Fall sick (partial stroke) and could not see himself again. He is now rejected and dejected by these same people he blessed. No one cares for him now, he finally said it out that people are wicked.

What a wicked world are well living in!!!

I believe that the dead Bone shall rise again.

But God is great, as he kept his trust in God as he was doing good to people then.

All of a sudden, God remember him and healed him,

He has risen to life again and now living happily with his wife and kids.