A Nigerian Hip-pop legendary Don Jazzy has again resurface with Rihanna the super American singer

People have been whispering among themselves in the public saying is Don Jazzy really going after this super American hip-pop singer Rihanna?

However, it was recall that the super Nigerian Hip-pop singer known as Don Jazzy has been dating Rihanna which was unknown for so long but finally become obvious that it’s true that Don Jazzy has been so long dating Rihanna the American hip-pop singer.

Meanwhile, there has been a picture posted on internet which was also went viral on social media that Don Jazzy is expecting a child from Rihanna which Don Jazzy was seen positioned with her in the same picture.

However, Don Jazzy has also reappeared again with the super American pretty singer for the Third time position together in a picture.

So people keep asking this question if Don Jazzy is serious with Rihanna……