A popular clergyman of God says you can’t believe in Jesus and be afraid of COVID-19 patients

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who is one of the popular pastor in Nigeria also the general overseer of Christ Embassy.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome however reacted to the guidelines rolled out by the federal government for the gradual reopening of churches in the country.

In online video, the pastor said that one cannot say they believe in Jesus Christ and be afraid of Covid-19, he went to disclosed that the sicks were healed in the Bible by Jesus touching them.

“These people who are afraid are pretending to be representing the Christians to the government, it’s a shame. I think the government leaders are laughing at them.

“…If you are afraid of the virus, you have no gospel. Your gospel has ended. The moment you start giving such guidelines to people in the church, you’ve repudiated your faith in Christ,” he said.

The clergyman of God also disclosed that the reason churches are still shut down is not because of government.