A True Visionary

People move in different directions with different kind of mindset as well. Mr A operates with different mindset with Mr. B.

It’s obvious that everyone has one or two plans to execute which is been prepared to workout gloriously and apparently.

It is true that we operate with different mindset and we are expected to arrive at the same target which should be a positive achievement all together.

Now, we have to count the what makes visionary people different from other people.

A true man of vision, plans on how to arrive at his target. On this platform, they make sure that they sit-down and narrow down their plans very well, with the point on how to execute on a particular target. When a man of vision plans, he made provision of plan A and plan B respectively. They know that plan A is the main target they pursuit, and they also know that there’s every possibility that there will be competitors for the same target he pursuit. At this point, they play great part which qualifies them differently. At this point, they make use plan B and strict on their target because they know that competition is certain and it’s inevitable. When you know your opponent, you make a perfect plan for him. Therefore, true man of vision always know his opponent or competitor and this keep them in order to fight and wine. Knowing your opponent is a great strategy to conquer on any competition.

Risk taker, they are admitted to take risks in many occasions in order to survive. They don’t care about their background, their background don’t weigh them down to achieve their target. They believe in taking risks and they know that risk is the source of income and wealth as well. Take the risk and join the billionaires. What many failed to do, they take the risk and do it, they have a target which is of big one. Meanwhile, they really know that taking risks involved two things, which is, is either you succeed or you fail. Therefore, risks involved success or failure they are fully aware of this. But failure don’t weigh them down, they know that some things may not work as planned, thereby failure make come . Meanwhile, visionars are not a gambler,they don’t gamble to make money. they always refuse to spend their time, resources and income in gambling. They know that gambling is subject to empty pocket and devorah.

Time keeper. They believe that time is money and time is irreversible substance. When time is lost, all is lost but when money is lost there is hope to retrieve it back. Therefore, they utilize their precious time judiciously and jealousy, they don’t give out their time anyhow, they believe that who they give time is precious to them. When a minute of time is missed, it’s seems to be a million dollars is missed. They value time more than money and time is non negotiable.

Lost bearer, in all, lost is inevitable and not everybody can count his encounter without counting lost. The main focal point is gain access but in some cases lost may come up and bear it and keep focusing on their possibility. They believe that everything is possible. Failure don’t make them get tired or stop on the process, meanwhile, it’s this failure that empower them, energized them and keep them moving with their mental ability that they most succeed today.