A woman dropped her university scholarship because of a Nigerian pastor prophesy-see comments

A twitter user with her user name @Bettyaana had disclosed that she gave up a scholarship to study at the University of Warwick because a Nigerian a pastor in Potters House church advised her against the scholarship, that the scholarship is not God’s will.

According to Bettyana, the clergyman told me, it is not the “will of God”.

The lady later said in a recent tweet that she would reveal the pastor’s identity as she called the church’s name, Potters House.

However, in Bettyana’s reactions to those making mock of her by calling her dumb, she replied to them by saying “no dumb person ever gets such an academic offer to a prestigious university as Warwick. She said that after she dropped out, she had to leave the church later to go complete her degree” she said.

See Peoples comments after the painful lady disclosed her encounter with the Church Pastor.