Africa, is still an uncultivated virgin land

Science has the solution to the world problems; science holds the instruments or tools for coping with reality “John Dewey”. There is no immutable which cannot access. Our idea is our crown creation and there is nothing immutable can do about them.

Africa needs to emphasize indigenous science and technologies. How can indigenous raw materials be Implored in the tapping of sun energy for electricity, how can crude be processed for fuel within Nigeria, how can gold be processed and utilized within Ghana and South Africa, how could these processed indigenously? How best can the flaring gas be reticulated for cooking in the homes.

How best can African scientists and technologists be educated to look inwards rather outwards. African environment is still an uncultivated virgin land in terms of research. What is inside river Niger and river Benue in Nigeria? The river’s weeds are medicinal but not yet discovered; what benefits Nigerians can derive from lagoons, from plateau and many more.

Should air conditioner be a solution to hot weather or can hot weather be conditioned by conditioning through reconstruction of the environment. Perhaps, every face of life demands to be researched into and the many talented Africans should be encourage to put to use of the indigenous technologies adequately; without technology, it will be difficult for any continent to experience development in any phase of life, (optimally).

Indigenous science must be encouraged for better understanding; Africa cans only smell development only if every country carries out the restitution of self development. Self knowledge is the stepping stone of self development, ‘man know thyself’ “Socrates”