American First Lady Melania Trump is feeling great with Donald Trump’s administration – see her emphasis

The wife of President Donald J, Trump Melania Trump is campaigning for the husband as she was disclosed given speech in the white house, pointing out the great things President Trump has done since he stepped into office as the president of United states of America.

However, The First Lady only emphasized husband’s administration performed work only on women’s side.

This was disclosed on her twitter handle, on her tweet, she said:

“Last week I joined the Administration to sign the procurement recolonizing this important day in American history”.

“Since taking office, my husband and administration have taken a historic measures to empower and support women in the United states and around the world”

“And in the Administration, the charge tax credit has been doubled”

“American women who comprise over half of the workforce experience the lowest rate of an employment of over 65 years”.

“In addition to this achievement, this administration has filled many of his senior positions with women”