An 11 years old girl who starred in anti – gun video killed in driver by shooting.

This is according to the report, Scott was traveling in a car that became involved in a shootout in Madison on Tuesday morning, and was struck in the crossfire.

Police say the driver of her vehicle was the intended target; the child knew the driver but was not related to him.

Madison PD said East Washington Ave was sprayed with bullets, hitting homes and cars — with one bullet striking the little girl in the head.

She was rushed to hospital and placed in a medially induced coma, but life support was switched off on Thursday, making her Madison’s tenth homicide victim this year.

In 2016, a seven-year-old Anisa appeared in a video made by local filmmaker Rafael Ragland — her half-sister’s father — begging God to stop gun violence in Chicago.

“Heavenly Father, can you please listen to me? Because I am so scared,” she prays in the clip.

“God – I just want to go outside and play, like a 7-year-old is supposed to do. I don’t want to die.””They won’t stop shooting, they won’t stop killing, they won’t stop it,” she breaks into tears. “God, can you make it better? Please?”

MPD later arrested two teens in connection with the murder; 16-year-old Andre P. Brown, and 19-year-old Perion R. Carreon.

Carreon was driving a stolen car and had a loaded handgun in his waistband when he was apprehended.

Despite his age, under Wisconsin law Brown would be tried as an adult due to the severity of the crime.

Police did not say if either teen was the driver of Anisa’s car.