“Give me true love not fake one” she said.

However, Angela Okorie is a popular Nigeria Nollywood actress whose personality is almost known by everyone across the nation.

The actress who gradually switch to music industry has a little misunderstanding with her friends, the little misunderstanding gradually triggers attention of personalities across the social media.

In a statement, said wrote

“I am this kind of person that if I want to do something I will definitely do it. I used to have a lot of friends but at some point, I decided to stop keeping them because I realized that not everyone likes me,” she said.

Continuing, she added, “This is based on the understanding that my music is selling world wide. Everyone is getting agitated and jittery at the same time, wondering loudly if I am the only actress who’s into music.”

“I see them as people who are suffering from an inferiority complex. For me, I keep blending because I don’t want anything to bring me down. It’s either you give me love , or you don’t give me fake love.”

Okorie made this allegation, while speaking on Instagram Live during the week.

According to her, she stopped keeping friends after she realized that not everyone liked the strides she was making in music.