#BBNaija: There is fight in the house between Erica and Lucy- (see Videos and comments)

Head of House Erica and fellow housemate Lucy had their first drama during a game in the house. It all started when Lucy made a statement and Erica asked her to explain it to her understanding.

When Lucy said that there was no underlying meaning to what she said, Erica went off on her and told her that she has issues with her

In an explanation given by Erica, he said, it isn’t the first time Lucy was making statements about her and she decided to keep quiet. The Head of House noted that Lucy had been subbing her. She dared her to say things to her face if she has the balls to.

“What do you mean KIDD is the neck, if it doesn’t turn, the head doesn’t turn? You’ve had issues with me today. You probably have brain problems. You have issues with people in the house because of the way you talk! Are you okay?! You’d better shut up,” Erica said to Lucy