Be careful and judge with evidence

The Category of salary in different hotels in Nigeria.

It is very important to bring it to the notice of the public how hotels in Nigeria pay salaries in category.

Many people in different parts of the world may have been deceived by different kinds of caliber in the name of telling false information concerning the salaries paid in different hotel system in Nigeria.

It has come to my notice that, people may have interest in working in different countries, but without accessing the salary draft of the hotel which they intend to work with.

Some may have called to come an work in some hotels situated in Los Angeles U.S.A without knowing the exact price of their salary.

Some internet fraudster may also bail you on how much they will pay you when you start working in a hotel which the will tell you, in the name of deceiving you to pay to them, for coming over to Los Angeles.

So therefore, it’s your responsibility to go to the internet and browse in any country of your choice, how salaries are being paid base on the Category and the nature and the standard of the hotel work.

Hotel departmen

  1. GM. General Manager= 150-200-300, 000
  2. F&B Manager=80-100-120,000
  3. Auditor=70-80,000
  4. Front Office Supervisor=50-60-70,000
  5. H.R.M =50-60-70,000
  6. Store Keeper =50-60,000
  7. Purchaser =50-65,000
  8. Account=45-50,000
  9. Head Chef =45-50,000
  10. Bar Supervisor= 40000
  11. Security Supervisor=25-35,000
  12. Receptionist=25-30,000
  13. House Keeping Supervisor=40000
  14. Maintainance Supervisor=40-45-50,000
  15. Other staff apart from the ones mentioned above earned =20-25,000

All in Naira. Nigeria currency


Be careful and judge with evidence

There were   couples, happily married and were barring for couple of years after their marriage. This couples had to buy a smart hot puppy and loved him as their own son. As time goes on, the puppy was adding, to the extent it becomes a big and become a beautiful dog, so the dog was pleased with the couple but on one occasion, the couple were attacked by high way rubbers, he was always faithful, wanted and defended it’s owner from danger but was unable to do so.

Meanwhile, after some years of being with the dog, that couple have their own Child after years, and after being addicted to the dog as son and after the dog must have known the kind of kindness the couple have been to him.,

The couple was happy of having a child and then reduce it’s love and kindness they have on the dog, the dog felt lonely, dejected and rejected and began to feel jealous of the baby.

In other words, the himself also reduce his own love and faithfulness to the owner as well after years of staying with the owner.

One faithful day, the baby was left sleeping by the parents in its cradle, what was the surprise of the couple when coming back and see the dog in a hallway with a bloody mouth, so the couple thought that the worst of all had happened, he drew up a weapon immediately he killed the dog without mercy, immediately, he moved into the baby’s room and later find a beheaded deathly cobra snake killed by the dog. The couple at the end, started mourning and crying that they have killed their faithful dog, which was a coma flag.

The thing is, how often have we condemn and misjudged people within our range and capacity without a proper information and investigation carrying out?

How do you feel and thought when you later find out that who you pronounced dead was innocent and don’t deserve to die?

It’s good and more better to acknowledge evidences and exercise adequate patient before pronouncement is carried out.

School of thought and actions

Start crediting yourself of what you are and stop discrediting yourself of what you aren’t, Crediting yourself of what you aren’t, will always put fear in you and shame as well. Everyone has to start learning how to be his own best friends because sometimes we fall too easily into the trap of being our worst enemy.

The power of failure comes when you answer what you aren’t and try to force people to believe that you are what you aren’t.

By this time, the people you try to force to acknowledge what you aren’t, will persuade you to be real and by their persuasion towards what you are, you will admit and adhere to what they ask you to be which is the real you. This will trigger Shame  and you will start living with fear and become submissive to their opinion.

Take heed to what you have heard, what you are today is the production of what you haven’t been listening to before now, try to study and understand words, learn the use of the words and put them in practice for proper and adequate performance.

Words transmit forces, body , soul and spirit. The spirit ruling your life are as the results of the words you have been exposing your body, soul and spirit to.

In other words, our hearts have to be sharpened with words that matters before words that discouraged come access it, remember every bad seed sometimes seems to conquer the good seed unless it’s God’s intervention for the good seed to overcome.

How to react to things that happens around you.

You have 100 % control of your actions, how you control your actions over things that happens around you saves you from danger.

You may have had an unfair past , but you don’t have to have unfair future. You may have gotten off to a rough start in life. Remember it matters not how life started, but there’s a lot of consciousness of how life ends up. You may be dodging to do tough things, but being addicted to tough things make you get toughen and prepares you for great achievement.

One has to acknowledge and understand that 10% of your life is decided by uncontrollable circumstances and 90% is decided by how you react to those things that happens around you. By not wasting more mental energy worrying about what should have happened or what might happen but you can put enough effort into making the right things happen to the best of your ability. Remember that it’s not everything that happens within your range can be controlled by you, but you have the absolute power to control how you react over things that happen around you, because how you react to things that happen around you settles everything and it changes everything that could have taken place and save you as well.

Great actions should be taken to things that happens around you, actions you know that will invoke great positive results to you, should be taken.

We should have to react immensely to positive things that happen around us which we truly understand that will result good or make great contributions to our lives.

But on the other hand, we have to take absolute measures to happening things on us to avoid over reactions, because actions taken to destroy something based on over reactions could definitely destroy human entity as well.

A renewed advice for youths under twenty five

  1. Mistakes always come and go, mistakes can be avoidable but it teaches a lot of things. When mistake is made, you learn a new thing.
  2. Never you judge your intentions for a new thing to do but always judge that your actions whenever you want to strike.
  3. Rely not on people to gain your happiness because people always disappoint when not expected.
  4. Always make move to chew more but before you bite, make sure you do not cross your boundaries. ( Bite less)
  5. Learning never stop, never stop learning, the knowledge you gain is yours and can never be negatively compromise. You stand firm today it’s because of the knowledge you gained yesteryears. Perhaps, knowledge is power and never a waste.
  6. Make perfect choice in marriage, marriage is never what you think. Marry someone you considered best friend to you for better understanding. Marriage could only last if there’s adequate understanding. Remember marriage is what it’s called but never what you think.
  7. Every adventures in life commence just by showing up, there has been sudden adventure before. Always think and act fast like a philosopher do conquer.
  8. Experiences should be valued more than possession, go after experience, you will learn a lot, mostly in the time of adversity, you will know how to manage. Possession dismantled what you could have known and make you a subject to ego.
  9. During the bad whether, remember to drive slow. During adversity, do not let your expenses go beyond your income. Be conscious this,
  10. Remember that you don’t have time, time always remain indispensable to man, if you want to get destroyed, put it behind. Money may come and go but time is always on the go.
  11. Drama is never what you put up with, because if you do, you may be seen as a joker all day long.
  12. Leave every work you have, on good terms. Always remember not to burn your bridge, because if there’s ever a workable good road, it would be passed on for the second time.
  13. See the world while you still don’t have a ton of responsibilities
  14. Never you live on the internet all day long, go out there and experience what life is all about. Living on the internet will make you lazy and make you more weaker.
  15. Never you have given up for what you want most for what you want now. Because that thing you want now last for a while but what you want most is what build you to a man.
  16. Let your appearance be lovely, dress to impress. Every good thing goes straight to the eyes before comments follow up.
  17. Getting a degree matters but getting the right degree matters even more, the right degree place you on top and decorates you.
  18. Discover hobbies you like most like three of them, one is to make money, the other one is to keep you in shape and the other one is to create your awareness to the public.

The only way we can get it right

Cracking the success code, the habit code, ethical standards and the moral code.

The kind of life you’re cruising or enjoying is based on your ethical standards or habit code, what ethical standards or habit code did you place yourself, what habit code rules your life?

We have never before choose where we want to end up with life, where we place our ethical standards or code and these determined the end of the game we play in life.

A professor of Stanford university BJ Fogg, he postulated what is called habit cycle. Which is popularly known as habit code today.

  1. Reminder: what triggers or what initiate the behaviour.
  2. The Routine: the behavior on its own or the action we take on what happens.
  3. Rewards: what benefits you gained on actions you take on your behaviour.

Now take a look at your life and actions of what you have done so far which have turned into habit. Used some ideas to diagnose some habit of yours. Maybe, you have been a child of success, obedient or you have been a child of failure for some times.

Maybe, you had suspected that habits are the key guard in deciding success or failure.

Main looking at the rate and the level of how many people are paying huge amount of time and money attending to seminars, training or listening to lectures, pastors or Reverends while preaching in the name of becoming successful when finished listening to these great men, now the habit code or ethical standards, the questions is, have these people for one faithful day try to put what they have been listening to, in action to see if there will be changes. But the answer is No! They only want quick fix  without the zeal to make practice and changes.

Remember that, it’s our habit which eventually becomes our talisman, so the first step into our journey of true transformation is to start making continuous checking of ethical standards and habit code of our lives.

By the special grace of God, all lost habit code that supposed to elevate your life to get whatever you wanted shall be recovered. But only by thoroughly checking of habits, acknowledge the errors and do the necessary amendments.

Keep God as your focus

Maintaining God as your focus what turns you to a focus among men. When you dance around God, he will make people dance around you.

Place your aluminum valve in God and he will enhance your values among people.

Do not let any being take the place of God in your life and he will make you a god among people

Celebrate God you will end up being a celebrity among people.

Carry God on your head and he will command people to Carry you on their head.

Bless God with what you have and you will end up being a blessing.

Be conscious of God, people will be conscious of you.

What you heard is what transforms you.

Interestingly, tough time will definitely come if you are prepared for it or not.

What actually makes tough men is tough time, no two ways about this. Their mission is to tear you and scatter you if time is not taken, their mission which you want to perform will end you up by turning you upside down or toughen you.

They are not empowered to destroy you unless you permit that by succumbing to it. Get toughened when it is tough. Sincerely, tough time never last forever but just for the meantime, only tough men do face tough time. But if you want to be tough start doing tough things,

A servant is said to be like the master if only he can do what the master is doing. This simply means that the servant will adhere to tough work to get toughen.

Life can never arrange itself, individuals have to arrange it by himself.

Every house or destiny is built by somebody. Plan your life, plan your future, plan your life ahead of time if actually you do not want to suffer in your future life time. You must understand it very well and be not surprised that whatever disappointment you may face tomorrow commence from your early stage.

Mind whom you follow, remember that who you follow determines what follows you.

The company you keep for yourself determines the type of accomplishments you make.

The extent and distance you follow somebody determines how far you will see and distance you will go.

How good in touch you are, determines the quality of what you told.

Teaching Of The Day

This teaching is meant to be adhered by each an every one of us, children, adult and parents as well.

In fact all parents should be able to try their very best to make sure that they apply these teaching to their children which must be passed on to children’s, children and in children’s career as well.

Actually there are mainly 3 reasons why these teaching came up.

  • Fortune or future, life and mishaps are unpredictable. Actually, nobody can be very sure of how long he will lives. All are like betting a game, not being very sure whether it will play or not.
  • This teaching is like a thought from parents, remember if not written, no one else will tell you about this.
  • Actually, this is written act of bitter experiences that could save and help you out of unnecessary heartache.

Try as much as you can to remember the following as you go through life.

Do not bear grudges to those who do not show up their love on you, you should be conscious of yourself and fully acknowledged that no one has the responsibility to care and treat you well as you think except your parents.

To people who are catering and caring for you, you must acknowledge and appreciate them and also you have to be awake and alert as well because every individual has a personal motive of every good he did for you. This doesn’t guarantee that the person will be nice to you. Be at alert, never hurriedly regards him as your main friend.

Everyone is indispensable because you must never possess everything on earth, there must be what you lack for which you don’t have as an individual.

Once you must have gained this knowledge and experience of this, you will not find it difficult to move through life even when people around you rejects you or when you missed what you think that’s precious to you.

Life is quite short and very small, not even little much as you think. When you wasted your precious life today, tomorrow you must find that life is actually leaving you, the earlier you treasure your life and time, the better you enjoy life in fullness.

Love is not what you think but a transient feeling, we never thought that love do fade  with time as well as one’s mood. Actually, if your lover leave you, do not kill yourself, that should be one of those things with life but take heart time will wash your aches and pains away from you.

Remember that the beauty, strength and style of love must not be over exaggerated and do not also over exaggerate the sadness, weakness and falling out of love.

Great men and women didn’t receive and acknowledge education but they were successful, never get yourself down on education, because it doesn’t mean that you will be successful without being educated or studying hard as the case may be. Whatever knowledge you main gain in education, stands for your standard username and password as your great weapon of yours in life.

Do you know that one can go from rags to riches but one thing has to be acknowledged, that you must start from some other rags.

Your parents may not expect you to support them financially when they’re at their old age, either you expect your parents to support your whole life financially, remember that your parents assistance ends when you must have grown up and stand out as a full man (18) . After that, you now’s your life and the will of making choices will be yours, during this time, your decisions will be your service.

Maintain your kingship, because every king honours the degree of his words, but never expect other persons to be like you, you could do good and nice to people around you, but never expect them to do the exact good to you, because life differs. If you don’t adhere to this message, you could end up on having unnecessary misunderstanding with people.

I have tried many ways to get things done clearly, but could not get all as I wanted, that shows that if you actually want to be successful, you must dig deeply to provide treasure and prove that you really work hard. Remember that all free launch have been cleared and there are no longer free launch.

The time you spent together with people must be a valuable asset to you which is one of your biggest treasure you value most. Remember no one knows if you gonna meet again in the next existing future life.

18 life principles

Accept : accept others for whom they are and they choices they have made even if you have difficulty understanding their motives, actions or belief.

Break away: break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish in your life.

Create: create friends or family of friends whom you can share your dreams, sorrow and happiness in order to make it a memorable event.

Decision making: decide that you will be successful in all you do. When you have this decision, good things will follow you, the roadblocks are only minor changes or obstacles on the process.

Explore your world: explore and experience, the world has much to offer and you actually have more to give the society, Meanwhile, everything you try sometimes that’s new to you, you learn a new thing on that faithful day.

Learn how to forgive: grudges only weigh everyone who adhere to it down and as well inspire unhappiness and bitterness, have a forgotten mind and knowledge that everyone makes mistakes.

Have a develop mind: leave the child hood monster behind it will only belittled you before everyone, have a develop mind, people can no longer hurt you or stand against your way.

Patient: have patient for the big and the best thing, never forget that without cross there would be no crown. Everything is possible as long as you remain dedicated to the task.

Ignore worthless things around you: ignore what know that’s worthless to you, around you or inside of your head, instead focus consequently on your accomplishments you ought to achieve.

Life is a journey: as universe is an endless entity, that’s how you ought to learn without stopping, travel to a new world, try to learn almost every day of your life, when you learn, you add value to your life, every knowledge gained gives value and development to your whole life.

Believe that things must not continue to be worst all the time: acknowledge this, that no matter how difficulty your situation may seem to be, they will always get better but you must comply with time. The warmth of spring always follow the harshest winter.

Learn how to love: believe me, when love rule your heart, hatred will disappear. Let love follow in your heart, when love follow there’s room for endless happiness but when hatred follow there’s room malice and gossip.

75% of people can’t live or survive without manage: learn how to manage your time, income and expenses Wisely because you will suffer and worry less during the time of adversity.

Be passionate to the needy: Never you neglect or ignore the poor because you are their second Messiah or their small god as of that time. Remember that a Messiah always rescue.

Make out time for leisure: Never you allow sorrow, worry or stress weigh you down nor rule your life for you, because in life, the only thing you must gain was the things you ate and enjoyed when you was a life.

Have other people’s time: Share your, secret, achievement, talent, skills and knowledge with others around you because what you give to people will 100% return back to you in folds.

Use your talent, skills and knowledge Wisely because a wasted time, talent, skills and knowledge has no value to humanity and will always remain waste.

Work hard to get the best of yourself, remember, there’s no one on planet earth that’s like you, it’s only you can do the best of yourself. No one can offer your talent to the world but only you can do that.