Beyoncé has been grilled on social media for not promoting Savage

However, earlier on Friday, the popular singer took to Instagram to promote the music video of Bailey sisters, Chloe x Halle’s track titled Do It.

Some of the Drunk In Love hitmaker’s fans quickly went into interrogation mode and grilled her for not promoting her own song with Meghan.

Savage has hit No. 1 on the Billboard’s Hot Rap songs chart, according to Beyonce signed Chloe x Halle to her Parkwood Entertainment label in 2013, according to

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@chloexhalle DO IT out now

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Below are are comments from the icon’s followers who were not impressed by her move.

beau.cei commented: “The fact that you didn’t promote your remix with Meg but you do this got me looking at you a lil sideways sis. Shady.”

jamelusa wrote: “Still wondering why Savage wasn’t promoted.”

yaboia2020 said: “You better promote everything but Savage.” deinielcuvin wrote: “You didn’t even promote Savage!! Why?”

labellar0se said: “Promote everyone else’s song but your own…” The Beyhive was not about to let their queen get dragged on social media. As expected, thy jumped to her defence.

qbeautii commented: “Stop asking the queen why she didn’t promote Savage. She doesn’t have to. She’s the queen.”

kingkiahh wrote: “Y’all stop being childish. These are her girls.”

taniesha_0914 said: “@beau.cei she doesn’t need to promote it. She was on the track and it promoted itself. Meg was just super hyped to work with her. Meg didn’t even have to if she didn’t want to.”

shesa_mfkin_viibe added: “@jamelusa everyone knows about savage. She doesn’t need to”