Blog as a lucrative business

Blogging has continued to thrive in the globe; also continue to enrich many people who embraced it as their professional business. It has been observed blog is a very high profitable business which continues to trigger large number of people to join blogging as a personal/professional business.   However, every blogger have these to benefit.

  1. Blog monetization

To monetize yours is just to build a platform that could benefit from inbound links; this is simply because visitors are likely to check out your site.

2. Opportunity to advertise

As people keep coming to your site page; as you keep posting valuable texts, you attract whole lots of people from different vicinity to run advert for them. As you keep breaking records of followers

3. Opportunity to create self awareness

As you keep creating and breaking traffics on your site page, you creates name for self and you determine your income all day long. Here, you stand the chance of becoming popular to the public.

4. Opportunity of self employment

The power of your payment lies on you and you determine your daily income; as you continue to create numerous followers, that’s how get paid to yourself. And another is self popularity, how many people come often to run advert direct from you daily. 

5. Opportunity of own BOSS

As you own your blog site, that’s your own office. As own boss, you determine the exact charge amount for your customers who willingly to run advert at you. You make decisions and people adhere to it.

6.  Opportunity of self comfort

You’ve every opportunity to run your blog business at the comfort of your home; also there would be no warrant of any office accommodation charges for rent or otherwise. All the money you’re making is yours, unless you decide

7. Opportunity of self employment

You liberty is grantee at all level; either to make a combinations of business is left for you to determine. Automatically, you are free from supervisor abusive, sexual harassment from some Bosses to the female staff, no lateness at work, no absenteeism at work; deliberately, you own yourself infinity

8. Opportunity of world class educator

The reason you’re lots of traffics like never before is because you really know what you are doing; definitely you solve people’s problems. Some people came to your page to laugh out their sorrow, worry and also came to learn.

9. Opportunity of teacher to all professions

As people view and review your blog site, they ought to read and learn from you, all set of professionalism; you teach them, you make them happy, you make them repent, you make the think back of their errors/mistakes, you bring something to their memories and you make them member adventures

10. Opportunity to own the world

As you become professional, you compete with the whole world as you share their customers with them; you share customers with the vendors, radios, television subscribers, health care’s, teachers etc.