BurnaBoy must pay me damages for stolen my photographic Art – TheMouthPiss

A Twitter handle user with the name ‘TheMouthPiss’ @webgod30 has deliberately said that #BurnBoy stole his photo to lift his idea on #Twice As Tall album

Burnaboy is a Nigerian Hip-pop star who is popularly known across the globe. The corona of Twice As Tall was accused of stolen a photograph produced by TheMouthpiss.

However this @webgod30 shared a photo which is similar to the artwork Burna Boy used for his TWICE AS TALL album in 2019.

According to him, he very much sure the award-winning musician lacked the required ideas thus resorting to stealing his idea for his artwork.

His tweet captioned “Remember this my Picture from 2019?
That’s how @burnaboy went to copy and use it for #TWICEASTALL in 2020.

i cry out On behalf of my other brothers who cry that their ideas are being stolen.

This intellectual property theft is paining my lungs.
#BurnaBoy must pay me damages Loudly crying face