Charly Boy’s daughter Dewy called her father a clout chasing hypocrite

Dewy Oputa the daughter of Areafada1 aka Charlyboy has spoken up on social media after her father made it public that he had accepted her wholeheartedly.

In the series of tweets she shared, the young lady stated that the statements he made online reeked of pure hypocrisy, and the attention he sought was to feed his ego.

Dewy also mentioned that way back in 2017, she almost became homeless as her father sent her out of the house, and did not care if she was dead or alive.

The Area Fada’s daughter conclusively said that she was used to the toxicity from his end, but could not stomach the pretence anymore.

Excerpt from her tweets read:

“Gaslighting at its finest. It’s quite unfortunate that my life is nothing but content I just can’t wrap my head around the hypocrisy. All this for a drop of clout,attention and praise from strangers just to feed your ego.”