Child of character.

What shall we tag all these whole of things, should we tag it computer age or what?

Good character is dismissing and disappearing in our very close eyes, that children of nowadays have chosen the wrong part by themselves despite their parents are not in support of all they are doing.

Days are gone when children finds it difficult to sleep outside their house without their parents notice. Nowadays children can sleep outside their house more than two weeks, without the parents consent.

Days are gone when children strictly obey advice from parents in order to be a good wife material.

Days are gone when female child join her mother in the kitchen to help in preparing dish for the family.

Days are gone when ladies keep themselves sacred and maintain their virginity and dignity before getting married to their husband.

Nowadays ladies break themselves and turn themselves into something else in the name of pleasing a man before getting married to him.

Though it may not be the man she pleased with everything she has will get married to her.

Days are gone when parents choose husband for their daughters for the betterment of their daughters.

Nowadays parents left their daughters to make their choice if good for them, they should go ahead and if bad, they should also go ahead. Because they made the choice by themselves.

What shall we tag all these whole of things, is it computer age or what? As well.