Copy to make a difference

It is very obvious that everyone do copy; but it also very necessary to understand one thing, that we are copying to produce a different thing from where we are copying from. However, the questions everyone needs to answer are, why should I copy? What change should I contribute to what I’m copying?

There is no man/woman that would boost of not has copied before. But the most expensive/extensive copy is copy to make a difference and create something new. However, Africa should make changes; Africa copy from western world to be on the same level with them but not trying to make a recommendable difference. While countries in western world copy to make superlative difference among them, perhaps, this happens to trigger unexpected explosive development in western world.

This have to applied on human beings, Americans really copy but they copy to make extensive improvement in order to add more value but Africans struggle to be on equilibrium with their competitors therefore lag behind.

Are you a young star, you truly have a role model; never you try to copy exactly his/her worth, make changes and add more recommendable values worth more than his/her worth, it will trigger superlative success to your values.

Development of Africa lies on adapting on a competitive environment where extensive changes and differences should be recognized when competing with competitors and this is applicable to you and I.

Africa should stop sounding like this “this is how America, England, China did their own, so let’s do our own exactly like that”  think outside the Box to create something new.