David Ibiyeomi reacted heavily to Daddy Freez for insulting his own father Bishop David Oyedepo (video)

A popular clergy senior presiding pastor of Salvation Ministry pastor David Ibiyeomi has reacted so heavily for Daddy Freez insulting his own father.

When speaking, the clergy pastor let people know that that Daddy Freez has no right to insult his father when his still alive.

In a video has gone viral online, the clergy senior pastor is reacting to Daddy Freez saying: “how dare him insulting my own father when I am alive” does he has a father? He who has a father will never insult father

Who are you to insult my father?, is he (Daddy Freez) a Nigerian? A bastard who doesn’t know whom his is.. If he claims he has a father, he should come with his picture let me see… David Oyedepo will not talk but I will talk

“I can never be alive see somebody to insult my own father.. you’re not Born…I will kill you and tear you to pieces…”he said