Davido finally revealed his secret reason on why he wants to settle down with Chioma

The popular Nigerian legend singer, the FEM corona has finally arrived on his final conclusion of settling down with one of his baby mama Chioma.

The 30 billion gang boss, disclose his reason during an interview held with Radio FM, however during his interview,he made a chucking remake on his reason for settling down with Chioma.

Davido told the interviewer that whenever he set his eyes on Chioma, he sees her Mom, saying that Chioma is an exact picture of her Mom.

However during the interview, David Adeleke said

“I was about 10 to 11 years old when my mom died. She died on my father’s birthday. Honestly, it was just cardiac arrest. Even if it was going to happen, I would not have known because I was about 10 or 11 years old. She was not really sick. She used to get sick once in a while but it was nothing serious. “I often say that I see my mother in Chioma. I did not grow up with my mother. I can hardly remember what happened when I was that young.

“One thing I always wish for is that she should have been alive. I would have bought her a lot of diamonds and houses but she knew that I was going to be great. Every Sunday, there was always a party. My mother was from Benin. I think I am more like my mother; I inherited her agility. She helped so many people that to date, I go to some places and people would tell me what my mother did for them “Before my mother died, I was a mummy’s boy because my father was always busy. He was working and always travelling to places like China.I was a mummy’s boy; so, imagine her just being taken from me, my best friend, the only person in the world I loved being taken from me without caution,” Davido said.