Detrimental effect of betting

Betting has turn to be the culture of every country in the world; it is now the total way of life of every country around the globe. Betting is meant to be played by every person who is at the age of 18 and above, thereby permits not anybody below the age of 18 to come close to betting shops/centers let alone of playing.   

Betting is generally known as try your luck game but advice everyone to play responsibly, this is a warning for all to all.

 However, betting is a promoted gambling which was acknowledged by the government of every country around the globe, there is no country seems to exist in the world that is not engaged on betting.

Moreover, betting has gone viral in the lobe as a result of becoming a great source of income to the youths, in other hand; it is very obvious that both the parents have joined the moving van of betting.

 Betting has enrich millions of poor masses who have lost hope of survival; however, betting revile itself in the lives of people by been worthy of given everyone his/her wining despite how bogus the amount seems to be. By so doing, it proves to the world that betting is worthy to be trusted and also could be held responsible for any amount of wining by any individual.

Nevertheless, people have chosen to abuse betting by allowing children under the age of 18 to approach the counter. Sometimes, they would allow these children to play bet despite the warning given by them, this thereby cause a lot of damages to these little children for not having a savings for themselves thereby driven some of their futures to bet and they continue to steal their parents at home. 

However, betting has caused much harm to many people; betting is now regarded as wine or dies game.  It is unfortunate that people both the parents play bet with their last card (money) after playing all their money, they stake their properties in other to play bet.  

Sometimes, they would play above what they staked which will warrant police arrest to a married man/woman. Moreover some youths steal their parents at home, sale properties, borrow money from friends while some play credits which sometime put parents in a precarious position on how to pay the credit.

Betting has putted both career woman and house wife in a precarious position or position of no return; where a career woman will bet all her salary on betting and forgone family challenges while house wife would play feeding money from the husband on bet/visual and this cause great misunderstanding between the wife and husband.

It’s not mandatory that everyone must belong on betting, it’s the matter of choice. Betting is good but we ought to play responsibly.