Do you really find it difficult to adhere to instructions, this is what you should do

Out of 100%, 75% finds it difficult to adhere to instructions, therefore keeping them unproductive. It’s true that an instruction is meant for every person but majority break down on the process while few adhered strictly. To know how difficult it is to break an instruction, try to see yourself to be under oath, or seem to be given the instruction by a native doctor or the queen of ghost.

Consequently, to adhere to an instruction lies on you being cadged by it with what may happen to you if actually you fail to do as it was instructed. Remember when instruction is given, everyone is expected to do exactly what is instructed to. And it is given as a guide line to avoid mistakes or errors.

                  It’s obviously observed that, there are two voices come into us wherever instruction is given. The voice that want us to do exactly what is instructed to and the other voice is the voice that tell us to forget about the instruction {what will happen to me, if I refuse to do exactly what is instructed to} Inside of us there’s between these two voices, guess which voice wine among the two voices that speaks in us? It’s that one we listened to most, the one we amplify; it’s the one that wine.

When instruction is given, strictly apply on it because it’s meant to guide you on errors and mistakes, it’s for your benefits. The remaining 25% are people who are instruction holder and they seem to be perfect and more productive than 75% of people who finds it difficult to adhere to an instruction.

I see instruction as life and mistakes avoid-er.