Do Yourself The Biggest Favor

Do yourself the biggest favor

Doing yourself the biggest favor, is the biggest thing you can ever do to yourself

This is understandable, that one owe oneself the best gift or the greatest/biggest thing you expect people to do for you. You owe that to yourself, believe me. Believe me that you owe yourself the biggest favor.

I don’t know if you believe, that you owe yourself the biggest favor, what ( any good thing) you did not do to yourself, I don’t know if there’s anyone else that could do that for you. If at all, you may get anyone that do you that biggest favor somewhere else in the world, it must take extreme time before it gets to you. True or false?

I have been able to be with people with different mentality, do you know that there’re people in this world that thinks negatively all the time. I have seen many times, where a man who is mature enough saying that his father did not build house before he died, therefore he must not build his own house. But when I asked, how would you manage to live with these kids? He replied to me that, anywhere at all he provide for them to stay, they will stay. He is not gonna build anything called house, since his father left them like this.

You can see that this mentality seems to be the worst one. In this case, this turn out to be the negative favor one do to oneself. This must cost harm to anyone like this.

Make sure that you bless yourself everyday with good things, even if you don’t have what it may take, make sure you release it by words of your mouth it works. Play differently and play wise, cause no harm to yourself, make sure you do yourself the biggest favor that’s what you gain, blessing yourself all day long.