Dogecoin become the fifth most valuable crypto assets base on market value

Dogecoin new rising in price have definitely brought confusion among the cryto investors. investors are now contemplating to sale off their other cryto assets and have their focus on Dogecoin alone.

However, the new price and market capitalization climbing of Dogecoin have once again, shocked traders, investors and many crypto analysts by gaining over 250% to flip Cardano and Polkadot, becoming the fifth most valuable crypto asset by market value.

The fast-rising crypto at the time of writing traded at $0.3837650 with a daily trading volume of $68.5 billion.

Meanwhile Dogecoin is up 167.95% for the day on the FTX exchange. The dog meme crypto is now the 6th most valuable crypto with a market value of $46.4 billion

However Dogecoin inventor Elon Musk made it known to everyone through his official twitter account few days ago that he was going to pump Doge to the moon, but many investors didn’t regard it.

Crypto analyst however predicted that Dogecoin will reach $1.