Efforts to eradicate poverty in Africa

It’s often observed that Africa is the hub of poverty. It’s very obvious that the problem of Africa is not lack of money but lack of ideas to create a new thing and personal selfish interest of top citizen of the continent.

Selfish interest has rained and destroyed the world, could we imagine a situation whereby a helpless citizen will sacrificed his life to invent something that would beneficial to everyone in the country, but due to greediness and self interest among the entrepreneurs, top leaders and politicians, in order to protect their personal interest they become against the success of the entire nation.

However, the rich have already put an end to poverty for themselves, but the efforts to alleviate mankind poverty in Africa has seem to be extremely difficult to attain and always fail ; this is not because the resources are not there, but its because the rich generally do not want anyone or anything to terminate or spoil their business or personal interest. However the common citizens have no comforter and beside the rich and our leaders there’s power and authority.

Can people who have influence in the society within Africa and around the world change the society to eliminate/eradicate poverty in all ramifications? Everything is vanity and a striving after wind “King Solomon”

The theories of prosperity of/for all

During 19th century in the western world, as few nations amassed unprecedented wealth through trade and industries, some influential people had to notify the public about their serious attention to the matter of poverty. Could the country resources be distributed more evenly? I.e. to show a fervently concern…

Many theorized that socialism or communism could achieve an international classless society in which wealth were deeply distributed in the society fairly. The truth is wealth is deeply distributed fairly with this idea. However, the slogan “from each according to his or her abilities, to each according to their needs”attracted wide acceptance. Many hoped that all nations would adopt socialism so that the world would become a Utopia. Few wealthy nations adopted aspect of socialism and established established a welfare states that promise to care for all citizens “from the cradle to the grave”. perhaps, they claim to have terminate/eliminate among the poor citizens in the midst, but we still have them among them.

However, socialism has tried to put some things right but truly has never achieve it’s goal of an unselfish people in the society; its objective that the citizens would work for the benefits of the community rather than for themselves proved elusive. some resented having to provide for the poor; nothing that the generous provisions for the made some among them disinclined to work.

Although, another remedy to eradicate or reduce poverty was called the “American Dream” this dream insinuated that every average American who is hard work and willing to work hard must definitely be prosperous. Many nations adopted the policies democracy, free trade, free enterprise; however, this made Americans (United States) to be seemed rich.

However, not every nations could replicate the American Dream because northern American wealth doesn’t result merely from its political system, but from natural resources system like other countries in Africa which are the majority. Additionally, the competitive world economic system produces not only winners who prosper but also losers who suffers miserably. Could the nations that are prosperous be encouraged to help are still poor and wretched.