Eleven guideline for new bloggers’/web writers

Many new bloggers/web writers have been encountering challenges on creating perfect and elegant posts despite the efforts and hard work of many but yet seen no good result to show so far, sometimes it seem like things happen by chance but not definitely true.  The end of everything in life is the good life but the end of every human conduct is the happiness (the primary end of man is to achieve a good life) “Aristotle”.

What you don’t know will continue to rule you until you come across it and know about it and become master over it; it’s by this time you will have power and dominion over it and rule over it. It is only when the basic necessities of life have been provided that one can marvel at the marvelous “Aristotle”

  1. Introduction text

An introduction is not useless, but to make it short and sweet, answering the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ in a few words as possible. The same goes for introductory text on interior pages.

2.  Points of entry

It is important to scan able text linked or unlinked keywords, practical (not clever) display (otherwise known as headings, subheads, and the like) and bullet lists.

3. Pare paragraphs

Brief paragraphs that just contain one idea are ideal for the online readers.

4. Key facts first (k.f.f)

Employ the inverted pyramid model of writing, based on journalistic style, in which the most important information presented first, followed by decreasingly significant information.

5. Link in and out

Provided links to related material on your web site and on others; don’t be concerned that visitors won’t come back to your site once they leave, if you routinely send them to good material and you have good material waiting for them when they return and differently, the will return.

6. Say it straight

Chant your new mantra: SWYM, MWYS (say way what you mean, mean what you say) objectivity equals authority; avoid markets, promotional excess hyperbole. Be literal, not figurative if, in a heading for a sports, story, you use metaphorical language like curse instead of something more concrete like “losing streak” you will lose the opportunity for search optimization.

7. First words counts

Make the first dozen or so character in your display type counts. Avoid bland and coined terms and start with keywords.

8. Be passive in act

Apply the use of passive words and sentence constructions. “Passive voce is commended to help blogger/web writer place key information up-front in sentence” “passive voice is helpful for placing key information up-front in online writing”

9. Vital content

When I see I remember but when I hear I understand “Chinese people”; write well, the best way to write on blog i.e. web is to provide high quality contents. It may not get your readers them, but it will keep them coming back and also keep good records for you.

10. Avoid duplications of post

Duplications of posts on one page reduce your professional quality. Be careful on double post on a page, it gets your readers confuse and makes you looks unprofessional.

11. Break rules

Disregard any and all of these rules as you see fit, but bear in mind and remember them “when you hear you understand and when you see you remember.