Everyone Wants To Be More Successful

Everyone Wants to be successful, can be able to do and bear what successful men bears? We think that one who is successful is moving freely or he is pleased. It’s not true, these men suffers a lot. When we see them riding private jet or moving with fleshy car we think that their problems are gone forever.

Do you know that the most richest man in the world is still to discover his lost $500b for only a day? Do you know that this money just lost fee minutes ago, let alone the ones people owe him.

Do you know that these sacrifice a lot, and let some expenses and losses go just like that?

Do you know how many people stealing under them without their awareness?

Do you know that huge amount of tax these people return to government?

These people pass through hell but we don’t know about that. I was opportune to work in a hotel, I tried a lot to observed how things done, includes expenses, salary and services. Do you know that when ever is time to pay salary, it will be shifted to two weeks ahead before it would be paid, not only this, when the supervisor listed out finished items and passed it the management, they will start running up-and-down, going for investigation on how those items got finished. Int only this, when they have external guests maybe from state government, the owner will drop message to us, that he’s not around which must be delivered to those guests.

Meanwhile, this man is praying to to richer than he is (present) some of these people trying to be richer than they are, watch them, when there’s a little stealing under them watch their actions at that moment. Now, let me tell you, there’s no how on earth people working under you, would be expected to be upright, I mean all. On daily basis, the good people working under the Boss are deviating from normal, is either because of Boss behavior or other wise.

So it’s quite unfortunate, that we prays a lot to be more successful but cannot let some those things go.