Excellence is no body’s heritage

The driven force of every success is self determination “Socrates”, every step you take for any minutes in your life was done by the driven force of your determination; therefore what you just did was not mistakes but your determinations laid to that.

Excellency is no one’s heritage. You could do better than that man/woman or musician you always admire every minutes of your life. Many people may have asked what they could do to be on the list of excellence. However, excellence is achievable, not given or inherited from anybody on earth.

Moreover, there’re many admirable stars over the world both footballers, musicians, modelers even stylist but you could be equal to them even do better than that one you always die for but if only you believe and determined to do so “ if you believe, you go defeat”

Success is move with a driven force of persuasion and obedience.  On like that celeb you always admire every minutes of your day could be forced to admire you too by the driven force of your success, because the force is irresistible.

Put people on the list to hear your own story as long you live; actually, you must not do exactly what they did but you can take another dimension that motivates them and start off. You could think of participating on Playing drums, Singing, Dancing, Acting movie, playing Football, Web writing, Blogging, E-mail marketing, applied art like furniture designer making, painting etc; you could be perfect on these things mentioned above.   

Do not be surprise when you will go viral on internet and people will seek to be your friend because the driven force of your success has taken place. You can only achieve excellence; it’s not given nor inherited. “ If something is possible for any other man, it is possible for you too” “ if there a god to rule over men; then all is well, but if there is no rule governing anyone, never allow yourself to be governed by anyone” “success is a universal desire, everyone needs it”