Five ways to actualize your dreams

  1. Try to stay away from negative people. You don’t need the negative words from the people who are going nowhere. Misery loves company and that is why people try to keep you down by saying negative things to you. If actually they succeed to keep you within their level/grade, they will be happy with you forever.
  2. Sometimes, life doesn’t give you what you want; not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve better. No matter how many times you break down, there should be always a little voice inside you that says, “No, you’re not done yet! Get up to your fit, there’s still life and hope in you!” that’s the voice of passion and courage. Every life is always a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredible cruel; but you’re well equipped for it as long as you tap into your talents and gifts, and you will always flourish and prosper.
  3. Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who pursuit the dreams they believe in. never have you blame your past for what you don’t have or failed to get; but always stay focus on your present and put the blame to your present. Ask yourself few questions that will always make you stay focus, questions like “what can I do that will bring me closer to where I want to be? What do I want most that would not turn to be a liability to me? What have I achieve so far and why am I doing what I am doing?” always be conscious of knowing your ‘why, what and how’ questions.
  4. There’s no sense in wasting time pretending to be something you’re not so that you will fit in with people who don’t belong with their category. Life is very short, spent spend it with people who love and appreciate the real you. Never have you waste time trying to fit in, live up to people’s expectations or be the perfect (YOU). Just be real you. That’s why you’re different/unique. Appreciate what you are and who you are.
  5. You may be in a mess right now, it was your own fault, and you don’t think there’s anything good in your future. But God has you covered. He still wants you to accomplish you dreams.