General Secretary of the UN António Manuel Guterres disclose that it’s time to eradicate gender-based violence forever

The secretary-general of the UN António Manuel Guterres has lamented over gender violence against women as he maintained that ending violence against women is everyone’s business.

The secretary general made this known via the UN official Twitter handle, the general however revealed in his tweets that ending violence against women required more than just intervening once it has happened. Prevention measures should be prioritize, including addressing social norms and power imbalances, police, judicial system must increase accountability for perpetrators and end impunity.

However he noted that ending violence against women is everyone’s business, he added that the UN woman explain 10 ways we can we can all make a difference during the Day16 of activism during the Gender-based violence and everyday.

However, Violence against women and girls is rooted in unequal gender power relations, structural inequality and discriminations. Addressing the issue required listening to the voice of those affected and prioritizing women’s leadership in finding solutions.

The general however noted that women’s full and meaningful participation and leadership must be at the core of all efforts to end conflict-related sexual violence in all ramifications. It’s time to eradicate gender-based violence forever. He tweeted.