Good Reputation, A Trade Mark Everyone Should Have

Be careful of whatever you do, your reputation is the most important thing that will bring honor at last.

Therefore, if it is good it shall take you to the highest of all. But once it’s tarnished, it will be difficult to retrieve it back. Is shall reduce your dignity to the lowest level.

Remember always to reflect on your course of action, never you do anything you would live lo regret or anything you wouldn’t be proud to tell your parents, friends or the public about.

Have fun always but tamper with common wisdom and react to things that happen around you prudently.

Remember that people who live to do good today will also live to reap the benefits and happiness that comes from it.

Motivate people through your good life so that after your life well spent on earth, people will live and talk good for your existence on earth.

When people say good things you did in your presence, take a look at them and be careful because they maybe saying it to favor you or to be favored by you. Let them say it out of your hearing and of your presence. Let your ear hear it from another source and it will make you more happier than ever.