Harrison EKE begs Trump to accept defeat like the former President of Nigeria Good-luck Ebele Jonathan, that’s the dividens of democracy

The popular Nigeria celebrity Harrison EKE has aired out his voice to the recent US presidential Election result which had declared Biden victory against president Donald J Trump.

The celebrity said that it’s a very big honor for President Donald Trump to hold America to this extent despite the numerous oppositions that surrounds him.

Trump done a very big thing to Americans which his name will never be forgotten so quickly. The popularity of Donald J Trump is very big to compare to any other previous American president so far.

President Donald Trump should please bear it and move forward for the sake of Americans which he has proven to the world that he loves. This same election happened in Nigeria, Where the incumbent president was defeated in this same way. President Good-luck Ebele Jonathan of Nigeria, accepted defeat and congrats his opponent present President Buhari of Nigeria.

Be courageous and happy because you have ever served Americans well and always wanted the best for them all.