Harrison says Nigerian biggest telecommunication company M.T.N is the best

A young Nigerian named EKE Chetachi Harrison has taken it up to himself to testify, and acknowledge M.T.N telecommunication company as the best and also place an advert for the Nigeria biggest network service cooperation M.T.N.

The young man said that he loves M.T.N for the their passionate on Nigerians citizens who does not have what it takes to help themselves to a better life.

Mr. Harrison said that M.T.N gone extra mile to introduced what they called “Turn it Up”. This turn it up is a seminar program arranged by M.T.N to bring back to live every dead dream of an every average Nigerian who has talent but has no sponsor to actualize the dream of their life. M.T.N inter vain to sponsor those people with their own capital.

He also mentioned about cheap data bundle awufu, where M.T.N is given out data bundle for average Nigerians who can not afford the expensive data for browsing. “Without data, the voice of the poor masses may not be heard. So M.T.N take a massive step to make sure that the voice of the poor masses is heard by given out cheap data bundle”

“M.T.N have good plans for Nigerians indeed. I believe to give M.T.N a very good business level ground to operate so that the well being of Nigerians will be actualized in this direction”.