Having Mistake Shows That You Would Be Perfect Soon.

It happens to be that when you make mistakes, it may seem to be that you fault is different from mistakes but it’s not true—having fault is same from mistake. When we say that someone has fault it means that it’s part of you as the case maybe. When one has fault, the person must have been corrected over and over again without him showing any improvement of changing over the problem but keep time you will turn to the opposite side of it. Fault maybe be corrected but it takes time to be so. In other words, having a fault, means that you are not part of fault but the issue is that you can’t get it the way it is wanted, it is not  living in you and you know that, some people may be saying this to you that there’s nothing you can perform without developing a fault, that’s why you need to put your best to prove to them that, a day shall come when they will gather together to celebrate you and dine with you. But be no glad or proud over your mistake, but be glad and proud that one day you will get it right. Without mistakes and fault there would be no teacher and no one on planet earth would found worthy of being perfect. It’s mistake and fault that persuade one to be perfect. When you make mistakes it shows that you’re not perfect and you try it out to be perfect over it. This typical example of it, is talking to the public or being on stage to perform. When you have not master the system, you must definitely have mistakes but when you must have gone to three to four times on stage or speaking to the public, you will not believe that you can be perfect as you’re doing it now. Mistake corrects you to be perfect and become the champion.

Now the problem is, Do you believe that you are not getting what you should get right, right? Because when you admit to your mistake, you look forward for the solutions.

How are you pushing out to get yourself liberated from your mistake? Liberation is meant for anyone who wants to be liberated but when you only believe that you want the mess to an end.

How often do you commit to mistakes and how often do you seek for solutions? If you often committing in that same way, be often seek for solutions.

How often do your friends make mockery of your mistake and how often have you tried to get it right? The worst thing that can happen to you is when you’re mocked by your friends who started with you but have achieved better things before you. This makes you wax more than you do. They empower you to put more effort by making a mockery of you.

Be stronger than you were, play hard, work hard, make your friends be jealous of the way you handle your mistake and channel it to the right position it should be.