How music affects human behavior

It’s true that we must acknowledge the true sense of music on how it affects human behavior. However, music must have an influence to human being if characters are affected by it. Perhaps for beyond functions, music inspires enthusiasms and enthusiasm is an emotion of the ethical part of the soul. Moreover, when people hear imitations, their feeling move in sympathy. Melody/rhythm supply imitations of anger and gentleness, and also gives courage and temperance.

However, music is for the sake of utility but for that of intellectual enjoyment in leisure; leisure should not be confused with amusement and relaxation, which are the antidotes to efforts and exertion. The busy man strives for an end “Aristotle” moreover happiness is experienced not by busy man, but by those with leisure. That which is noble should come before that which is brutal. Courage is more a function of nobility than ferocity.

 However, it isn’t easy to determine the nature of neither music nor why everyone should have the knowledge of it. Perhaps, music like sleep or drinking offers nothing more than amusement and relaxation; perhaps it promotes virtue or perhaps it contributes to the enjoyment of leisure and mental cultivation.

Some say that no freeman should play or sing unless he is intoxicated or in jest, so therefore, music is simply said to enjoy the pleasurable moment and the instructions that come from hearing it.

However, children are suggested to learn music so that they might become performers and critics, perhaps their music performance should extend far beyond rhythm but must recognize appreciation and harmony which must require great skills but must contributes something positive to human mind.