How rating is determined

Often before now, rating is generally known as the living standard/good condition of posts, organizations or sites as the case may be. However many people have suffered a lot from poor ratings which signifies the poor living standard of your posts, organizations or sites. Sometimes we try as much as possible to alleviate the savage of poor ratings but it seem as we have a limitation access to change the condition. But it’s a lie.

To determine your high rate level, you must consider these five main points.

  1. High quality of your content information.

Any contribution you wish to give must stand fit on exact/accurate information; this gives you a very great record for good reputation. The information you deliver to people matter a lot for the public to rate you.

2. The vocal tone and the grammatical maintenance.

This is the ability to maintain an exact language without deviate to your local dialect or speak vernacular, hence it’s meant for the public, use the general/official language that will benefits all for all.

3. The quality of your graphic background.

This is the ability to maintain high quality of inestimable/memorable profiles that will publicly break records for public viewers.       

4. The number of featured language.

At your country residence, how many official languages have they? If you want to be featured adhere to the general language of the nation and stand fit greater rate

5. The plenty amount of rate you get.

Your glory stands out when you have wine souls from what you have written or performed. The amount of your likes and great comments brings you to the table of discussion by the general board.

Whatsoever that comes to a man is equal to him, however if something is possible for any other man, it is possible for you too.

Every individual has the equal right to live at a certain level and also have everything to achieve every good thing in live if only he wants to do so “John Dewey” 

Moreover, your rating also lies on how often you help/give out your own rating to people in order to help them achieve their mission. So therefore, try as much as you can to patronize peoples’ work. In that same way people you do not know anything about will support you to accomplish your own target. If you don’t give them your rate, what gain have you?