How the popularity of bloggers’ triggers world attention to blog

The reason behind bloggers, success

The success behind bloggers is just the love and joy of being a blogger.

Philosophy from the binocular of Pythagoras who coined the concept means a discipline which seeks wisdom par excellence not for any gain or ulterior motives but for love of wisdom “Pythagoras” however, in this same way bloggers seek for wisdom par excellence and peoples’ joy but not for ulterior motives.

However over the years, blog was taken for granted by people around the world. This was because the then generations were ignorance of blogging and were unable to identify the power of its possibility of generating revenue to its lovers. The popularity of blogging started early 21st century when the power of blogging triggers to become a competitive business among individuals around the globe. Perhaps, the competitors among the bloggers in different parts of the world was taken unaware to people. Perhaps, it is very obvious that now the world has started rating and also keeping records of the richest and the most popular blogger in the world and also in the regional continent among others.

Moreover, blogging is now a lucrative business which people can easily venture into, to create self awareness, self esteemed, reliability and life authenticity among others. However the wisdom and the love of blogging to gain peoples’ joy kept bloggers going.

The gravitational force of blogging befall on the world like a magnetic which attracts objects with its power of persuasion for adherence and obedience to follow the magnet object without refusal.