HOW to get quick result from ladies

To get quick result when chasing woman is as easy as simple; it’s just simple like seeing what you like and going after what you like. It’s never a difficult to chase women, it’s just a common phenomenon to which everyone can think of and perform it with courage. However, that’s just the nature for men to go after what they like and there are no two ways about it. Nature holds it not that a male child must be taught on how to chase girl before being perfect, No, but when the time comes, he will definitely go after what he likes; they are doing so because nature holds them to do so. Perhaps, many guys find it difficult to talk to woman let alone of going for friendship, while some of the guys have continued to develop the spirit of coy/shy over women when trying to go for what they wants. There has never been a crime of given a try to whatever that you seek for. As far as what you see is what you like, you must go for it; even if it involves risky, you must bear it, that’s men for US.

Now the steps to follow

  • Be courageous

To get the lady you seem to love, first meet her with courage and talk to her; never have you abused her by saying ‘hay’, your first approach matters. You must meet her with a polite manner and exchange greetings with her, plead with her to give you a little of her time and make sure that you make a provision of serious discussion by settling down with her.

  • Look straight to her eyes

As you have drown her attention by settling with you, she is now looking forward and listening attentively to hear you out; before you commence, make sure that you look straight into her eyes, when you do this, her eyes will go down and she will know what is your intention. Your power supersize hers when she brings her eyes down. Call her some admirable names and ask her, her mane.

  • Use a polite voice on her

Use a romantic pet name to entice her, use her name repeatedly after she must have told you her name; when you use her name, you persuade her on familiarity, this is your one point because when you use her name, you make her smiles. Just go straight to the point and tell her that you want a friendship with her.

  • Be smart during conversation marking

As you have go straight to friendship, she may pretends to be in a relationship because she may try to weigh you actions and behavior to her answer and may want you to hang off, but pretend like it doesn’t matter all and continue with your conversations with her. Be cheerful and friendly with moment even if she appears to be stubborn, don’t worry but continue she must not accept you at that moment. Women are all about competition, whoever wines grabs it all.

  • Try to extend your care to her parents

Never get me wrong, ask her about her family and her parents. Try to be nice by asking, you can only spend as much as you want if only you want the friendship between you and the lady turn to a relationship in extension for marriage. Also be passionate and empathize with her of any strong and pitiable story.

  • Demand of contact

As you have seen that everything has worked towards your expectation, let her know that you would like to keep in torch to know how she’s feeling. She will deliberately release her number to you and even let you know that she has two lines in case if this is not available you can use this as well. You wine her and carry the trophy