How to maintain your friends this season.

It’s quiet unfortunate that some of us always find it difficult to maintain new friends in regardless of the level of their closeness. However, most of us have made it become a lifestyle to being harsh towards some of our friends. sometimes, the actions of harshness would seem to be continually occur day by day; sometimes this action of harshness are performed unknowingly but the biggest truth is that it causes detrimental effects to our relationships between us and our friends which sometimes denies us favor from someone we could not expect to favor us.

However, the truth of the matter is that we lost favor day by day because of how we treats people who we called our friends, but in real you, you regard that your friend invalid. You could regard a friend of yours invalid, but invalid friend of yours could stand out for your problems to which the people you have regards as you valid friends could not stand for.

Ways to maintain your friends

  • Be nice to them; show your friend that you’re a nice person, he/she must definitely confirm that you are a nice person. prove to show some selfless behavior inside of you.
  • Be sympathetic them; be a kind of person that show the act of pity whenever your friends got hurt.
  • Be selfless to your friends; Show your friends that they are all important to you. give out what you love to your friend. let them know that you could give out a lot for their sake.
  • Make out your time for your friend; A very good friend is one who valued not his precious time spent with friend. everyone knows that time worth more than money but a precious friend worth more than your time.
  • Deliver your friends when the need arise; Let your friend know that you value them. be a deliverer to your friends that needed to be delivered. Do your best to make sure that your friend would have inside of him that you value him like you value yours