How to maintain your visitors/audience

It’s now a very big challenge to many bloggers on how to maintain visitors who visit their sites, it’s very obvious that there is no regular visitation as we expected; despite all the efforts and ideal. However, the good name of every marketer lies on the regular visitation of the customer, coming almost every day of their lives. Have you try to maintain your visitors but it seems like your power is limited over them. Sometimes, it turns to be upside down where you  could not find any remedy to keep your customers coming; sometimes it seems like you don’t know exactly what you’re doing any more and you appeared in a novice form but which was not true; sometimes, it seems like your competitors are far ahead and waiting for you to meet-up. Follow these steps   

  1. Persuasion strategy 

Now you content has to convince the visitors/readers through the content, convincing can be done by quoting making sentences that are captivating and have power to match with expectation of the users. Perhaps, persuasion remains the primary factor in communication and speaks right in writing.  

2. Quality Information

Your ability/ responsibility of given the right information must not be over emphasized; your information must pass to the right people at the right time. People are to be informed and there is one major thing that set this purpose apart from others is that people are desperate your information.

  • You may not write to impress people; you must continually pass the exact information. But base on your niche, you will know if you should write to impress anybody or not.

3.  Entertainment

It means going by likes and dislikes’ of possible readers. You should keep/bear the reader in mind and develops such content that is capable of generating interest in the reader/user; to appreciate the interest and the hubbies of your client and arranging the content as per the like priorities is what entertainment is all about.  The purpose of the content must be taken care of.

4. Change in behavior

Elaboration likelihood model of advertising psychology speaks what works here. The content is the king and the kingdom of the users can be kept in rule through captivating impressive content only. Following direct and peripheral routes of efforts to change the perception, attitude/behavior of the user/reader in an objective. The change in behavior takes place when the reader had gone through the persuade information    

5. Information adherence

This is an objective which must be realized if when only the content has brought the user to the behavior re-thinks level. Here come becoming a member, active subscriber…

6. Vanity

Say no to vanity, you must keep only but one thing in mind that the vanity is an enemy and must not be valued beyond control; however the reader is the supreme of your content. When writing on a post, you must keep eyes on the persona of the possible user/reader.