How to make a powerful blog texts

It is very passionate that new bloggers finds it very difficult to make a very positive post despite all utilized efforts every day long. However, when writing posts, don’t just write what just comes to your mind when trying to write.

Follow these steps you will definitely arrive to your destinations.

  1. User task (provide relevant content for a specific audience).

Before you write anything, answer these questions;

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do they want to do on your site page?
  • Try to imagine which questions users would have in their mind, prompt yourself with the typical question words: who, why, what, how, and when.
  • List these questions in the order your users needs the information.
  • This can be the outline for your page structure; each question could be on separate subheading, and the solution you’re rendering would be the texts in the section.
  • Don’t leave your users hanging when there is next step; give them an option to find more information make an enquiry, whatever that could help them on their way.

2. Clearing phrase

Blog page are text very different to print document – and users expect content to be presented. Generally the style is more informal and very conversational.

The reason of clearing phrasing

  • Your visitors are busy and desperate to understand quickly
  • To be found, your pages needs to use the words our targeted audience/readers are likely to enter into search engines. (the way most wed users find web pages)
  • Professional image, texts on the pages should have a quality profile and vibrant images
  • Up to 35% of people have problems reading generally. (Older people, visually impaired, people with learning disabilities and functionally illiterate) will otherwise find pages inaccessible.

3. Keep your post short as possible

  • The substance; write exactly what the readers/audience really needs to know and nothing more.
  • The words; in every sentence use only the word you need to convey this key message. Avoid easy styles.

The reason to keep your post short

  • Information overload; readers/visitors are in a hurry, looking for something specific; sometimes, visitors don’t read for pleasure
  • Evermore people are viewing your web page on mobile device with much smaller screens  than desktop computer
  • Easier and quick translation.